People have described their experiences in many different ways; however most express a deep feeling of peace, likening it to a gentle rush of warm energy. Often the client will fall asleep through deep relaxation and when the energy flows through the body it can be felt as a deep nurturing heat, sometimes a tingling sensation is felt, others sense colours or light, muscle spasms or a rumbling tummy as the energy moves through the body.

Those who experience it on a regular basis open themselves to a vibration which will boost their energy and zest for life, at the same time their immune system will be reinforced. Reiki can be used as a preventative treatment as well as a cure. This amazing energy has its own unique and natural way of restoring balance to the body’s life force.

The practitioner uses a non-intrusive hands on technique to transfer the energy. The hands are held over certain areas for a small period of time or until the practitioner feels it right to move on, usually beginning from the head and working down to the feet.

Reiki is regarded as a very intelligent energy as it appears to know exactly where to go and what to do, it even draws the precise amount of energy it needs to heal, basically it does all the work whilst the healer remains intuitively linked throughout the healing.

Time is always given to talk before and after each Reiki healing, leaving the client completely grounded and energised to face the rest of the day.

Treatments are provided in my own home where I have dedicated a space that offers a relaxing, calm and friendly atmosphere to help the client unwind and de-stress.

For complete comfort the client can lie on a massage table equipped with blankets and pillows, surrounded by lit candles, muted lighting and peaceful music. Special aromatherapy oils are burned to aid complete rest. If for any reason the client cannot lie down then Reiki can just as easily be provided sitting on a chair.

A typical first session will take approximately 1hour 20 mins, this will enable the client to talk through their particular requirements or concerns in complete confidentiality before and after their session.

Each session costs £40.

Lynne Mackenzie offers Reiki treatment at Welwyn Garden City and Worcester.

Experience the healing power of Reiki in Worcester, at the Lynne Mackenzie practice