Reiki is a complete energy-based healing system that works holistically through the whole body. It is a relaxing treatment generating feelings of peace, security and wellbeing,

Reiki enables the person to totally unwind and de-stress whilst accelerating the body’s own natural healing process. It promotes a greater sense of restored strength and vitality,

Reiki’s natural healing vibrations are transferred through the practitioner’s hands whilst the person is relaxing on a couch or chair in a comfortable position. When a Reiki practitioner transfers this energy through the recipient, it knows exactly where it is needed to restore harmony to the person.

Reiki is quite simply a gentle, natural and safe method of Universal energy healing and self-improvement, it is not part of a religion or a spiritual belief, so it is available to everyone from all walks of life.

From birth, every one of us has Chi energy circulating through our body; it is our very own life force energy that enables us to live and survive. It is fundamental in sustaining our good health and vitality. Therefore, it is imperative to our well-being that this Chi energy flows freely without disruption, to maintain peak condition of the body, mind and spirit.

Reiki provides the means to rebalance, recharge and realign our Chi energy system by creating the optimal conditions needed by the body’s own natural healing ability.

Reiki has become an ever increasingly popular holistic treatment and is offered in hospitals, hospices and other health care establishments and gaining a wider acceptance in the medical establishment.

I am a Reiki Master with over 20 years’ experience in Usui/Tibetan Reiki and I wish to share this experience with you.

  • I first met Lynne 6 years ago as someone who could educate me in the ways of Reiki. I was drawn towards this energy healing, yet I knew nothing about it.

    It wasn't long before she attuned me to Reiki levels 1 and 2 and it had a profound effect on my spiritual awareness and abilities.

    We have since remained close friends, and have worked together in a number of ways.

    Lynne is the only Reiki Master I recommend, and her expertise in other areas has to be experienced to be appreciated.

    Mr M Richardson Dip(AH) SQHP
    Analytical Hypnotherapist

  • I can highly recommend Reiki with Lynne. As soon as you meet Lynne you feel calmness straight away, she puts you at your ease and I always feel calm & relaxed when I leave.

    Lynne has always been on the other end of the phone or a quick email at any time when i had a problem or quick question nothing is too much trouble for Lynne she is a special lady. So if you have never experienced Reiki then please give Lynne a call she is a true professional and such a genuine person you will not regret it.

    Welwyn Garden City

  • I have always written thank-you notes out of courtesy but this is the first one which comes with deep heartfelt gratitude…..

    You confirmed so much for me and served to reassure and comfort me that I am certainly on the right path …..

    WGC Herts

  • I have done a variety of Psychic Development workshops over the years with the wonderful Lynne. She has helped shape who I am as a Spiritual Be-in, for which I am truly grateful.

    More recently I did the Angelic Reiki Workshops and am now myself an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher.

    I feel blessed to have shared some of my journey with a truly inspirational person, someone who I aspire to be like as she is kind, caring, understanding and a supportive influence. She makes you feel at home in the perfect environment for learning, sharing and experiencing the connections of the Etheric Realms. She shares in your excitement and delight as you step forward upon these new paths of discovery.

    I believe that I am more complete now then I have ever been and I feel this in part is thanks to Lynne. I feel honoured and humbled to know her and thank her for playing such an important role in my life's journey!!

    Tania Farrell

  • I have known Lynne for about 3 years, and she has turned out to be a wonderful friend.

    She has helped me loads through various ups and downs in my life, and she has shown me how to cope with upsetting and difficult times. She is sympathetic, but has a great sense of humour, and I feel blessed to have met her.

    I am just sad that she is now far away. If you feel that you need uplifting in any way, or maybe just need a calming influence, she is the person to help you.

    Sally Wells

  • I have been visiting Lynne for several years now. I knew I had found a very special person straight away on our first meeting, as Lynne exudes a beautiful calm serenity in everything she does and says. I have come a long way on my path in life since finding Lynne, her treatments and teachings have helped me to become a confident and calm person.

    The most important training to me has been taking my Reiki 2, which changed my life for ever. It was such a very special time for me, I felt an immense shift in myself and I felt that I had found exactly where I needed to be in the world during that very special weekend. I can now go on and help others as Lynne has helped me.

    I feel so very grateful for having met you Lynne. Thank you so much for all you have done for me, I would not be the person I am without you. x x x


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