From basic instinct we lay hands to console, comfort and heal. The warm energy that passes from our hands contains life force energy known as ‘Chi’ or ‘Ki’ - this is referred to in the word Rei’ki’.

The life force energy circulates through every living thing; it flows through channels called chakras and within the energy field around the body. This is known as the aura.

Without doubt the life force is affected by our thoughts, words and deeds and any negative emotional vibrations are absorbed into our consciousness, whether we are aware of it or not. Any kind of negativity can disturb the flow of the life force which can then become depleted or blocked thus resulting in the root cause of dis-ease and a general lack of well-being.

Reiki has the capacity to heal the areas of depleted energy caused by negative impact. By simply flowing into all the areas releasing and freeing blockages it restores a positive vibratory level to the life force energy. Any negativity dissipates, leaving the body with a higher level of harmony, balance and peace - well-being is restored.

Reiki in Worcester & Malvern - well-being for all ages, effective in reducing stress