Reiki Angel Workshops in Worcester
Angel Workshops

Angel Workshops are designed to help you connect to the Angelic Realms and to recognise how the Angels can literally SURROUND YOUR LIFE WITH LOVE AND LIGHT.

Through this connection you will be soon be able to develop your intuition so that you will be able to receive inspiration, direction, guidance and even miracles into your life and those close to you.
Many who have attended my workshops have expressed how it has changed their lives forever. They have discovered how to tune into a wonderful support group - the Angels !
I will show you how you can live life by working with the Angels every day and how to recognise their guidance and direction.

Through connecting with your Angels you will soon develop a close relationship and be able to channel messages for yourself and others.

Angel Workshops can include the following:
• Learn about Angels – their functions and roles
• Develop a strong connection with the Archangels
• Meet your Guardian Angel and discover his name
• Identify Angel signs and signals
• Experience Angelic Guided Meditations
• Discover how to heal with the Angels
• How to channel the Angels – receive messages for yourself and others.
• Experience giving and receiving Angel card readings
• Learn how to trust & understand your intuition
• Learn how to recognise your Angels guidance
• Enjoy various Angelic exercises for self awareness – relax and be creative with colour, music and chanting.

These Workshops will help you to:
• Feel unconditional love and support
• Bring back beauty and truth into your life
• Banish negative thoughts and feelings
• Feel safer and more secure
• Heal yourself and others
• Recognise their signs of connection
• Listen and be open to their presence
• Take action in a confident way
• Be aware of the ever flowing tide of abundance

If you would like to attend an Angel Workshop or if you would like to host an Angel Workshop in your own home and receive a FREE Reiki Healing or Angel Reading, please see details on my contact page and either email or call me for further information..

Angel Workshops are held in Worcester.

Light and Blessings to you all