Angelic Reiki Healing Treatments

I offer Angelic Reiki healing in a calm and relaxed atmosphere in a one-to-one hands on session. I always afford time to share anything that needs to be talked about and which you feel is relevant to the healing you need. Everything that is communicated is in strict confidence.

Angelic Reiki Healing Treatments
When you feel ready you can either receive the healing in a sitting position or lying down where I will place hands on your chest and solar plexus throughout which you will remain fully clothed. Clients can listen to music specifically provided for Angelic Reiki healing which had been channelled by Michael Hammer through his Angelic guide.

Once you are relaxed and comfortable you will receive healing via the Angelic Realms through the Healing Angels, Ascended Masters and Galactic Healers. This healing is then transferred to you by either a gentle touch or directed just above the body, whatever you prefer. My aim is to provide the highest healing possible for you. The range of this healing energy can be extended to include multi-dimensional healing across incarnations, throughout all dimensions and realities, as with all types of Reiki the energy is not bound by time and space.

When the energy begins to flow, clients immediately sense a feeling of peace and restfulness often resulting in relaxed sleep. Others can experience a warm sensation or a tingling flowing through the body, even colours are seen or light. Every client is unique in their experience of receiving Angelic Reiki.

Sometimes I use Crystals to enhance the energy or other energetic tools, whatever is appropriate to the healing.

I am also able to send Angelic Reiki distantly which is just as powerful, we would just need to arrange a time when you are able to relax and unlikely to be disturbed for approximately 20 – 30 minutes. After which we can make contact and discuss the outcome.

If you attend a 1 & 2 level Angelic Reiki workshop you would be able to give yourself frequent healing which would provide not only healing on all levels resulting in a constant boost to your immune system but would raise your consciousness in promoting personal spiritual transformation.

Angelic Reiki Workshops are held in Worcester.